Qualifications for the Lincoln Award Scholarship

Scholarships for Illinois Residents, Inc. is now accepting applications for its Lincoln Award, which is available to students who are residents of Illinois.

  • Applicants for a Lincoln Award must be residents of Illinois when they apply to Trinity. A student qualifies as a resident of Illinois if he or she lives in Illinois, even if attending a secondary school out of state. The reverse is not true. A student residing outside of Illinois is not eligible, even if attending high school in Illinois.

  • The application for the Lincoln Award is for the scholarship alone and is not an application for admission to Trinity College.

  • Applicants for this award must have applied to Trinity College for admission in the current cycle.

  • Applications for the Lincoln Award must be submitted by February 15 of the year they would matriculate. The Award decisions will be reached shortly after Trinity releases its decisions as to admission to the Class.

To apply for a Lincoln Award, please complete the application form.

Please do not complete this application unless you have applied or plan to apply to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.