About the Scholarship

Scholarships for Illinois Residents Inc. is an alumni foundation affiliated with Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. It was funded by a gift in 1948 and has been granting scholarships to Trinity students for more than 70 years.

The Lincoln Award is a scholarship for very highly qualified students interested in attending Trinity. Based on merit, this award is granted to students of exceptional achievement and potential. The Lincoln Award provides four years of full scholarship, regardless of need. Over four years, the award provides a grant of over $325,000. It covers tuition, housing, meals and book expenses.

The Lincoln Award removes any deterrent effect that the high cost of education might have on students who have a special ability to thrive at an outstanding liberal arts college.

In addition, recipients of the Lincoln Award are eligible to participate in a Summer Internship Program, whereby they are provided up to $6,000 for each of the three summers while enrolled at Trinity, to fund an internship of their choice.

A Lincoln Award is contingent upon being accepted and enrolling at Trinity College. Although the awarding of this scholarship is independent of the College’s own deliberations concerning admission and financial aid, we work closely with the Dean of Admissions in evaluating the candidates for a Lincoln Award. To avoid duplication in applying for a Lincoln Award while also applying for admission to Trinity College, applicants for this award need only authorize the College to share and discuss with us the contents of their admissions application file. The Application for the Lincoln Award grants us your authorization. Apply for the Lincoln Award now.

To learn more about the history of Scholarships for Illinois Residents, read the article A Badge of Distinction in the Trinity Reporter.