Illinois Scholars

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Scholarships for Illinois Residents, Inc., a scholarship program for Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, has been granting scholarships to Trinity students from Illinois for more than 70 years.

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Our Recipients

Recipients of Scholarships for Illinois Residents have excelled in their academic pursuits and built careers of distinction. Some have started their own businesses, while others have become attorneys, judges, professors, scientists, and doctors. All credit their experience at Trinity College as the foundation of their success.

Blake Fisher, 2011

Naperville, IL

Great professors, good friends and lots of opportunity for learning, in and out of the classroom, make me glad of my choice!

George F. Will, 1962

Urbana, IL

I have an appreciation of what the Trinity faculty can do for people, what they did for me.

Patrice Ball-Reed, 1980

Chicago, IL

The financial freedom of being an Illinois Scholar allowed me to study, learn about myself and experience a social life.